The Old Storehouse

Temple Bar
Dublin 2.

+353 1 607 4003

[email protected]

The Old Storehouse, Temple Bar, Dublin

Welcome to The Old Storehouse …

Here at The Old Storehouse we are committed to providing our customers with quality service and entertainment at affordable prices. The Old Storehouse is a Classic Irish Bar in the heart of Dublin’s Cultural Quarter – Temple Bar, Dublin 2. OPEN EVERY DAY AT 12PM FOR FOOD AND DRINKS.
There is continuous craic here until 1.30am weekdays and Sundays with the party going on until 2.30am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Live Music at The Old Storehouse

Main Bar


Mick Morris … 3pm – 5.30pm 
Sean Coffey … 6pm – 8:30pm 
Dave Dunne … 9pm – 11:30pm 


Mick Morris … 3pm – 5.30pm 
Patrick Conneely … 6pm – 8:30pm 
Jake Suleman … 9pm – 11:30pm 


Dave Dunne … 3pm – 5.30pm 
Simon Glynn … 6pm – 8:30pm 
Sean Coffey … 9pm – 11:30pm


Dave Dunne … 3pm – 5.30pm 
Adrian Sullivan … 6pm – 8:30pm 
Sean Coffey … 9pm – 11:30pm 


Ian McGovern … 2pm – 4.30pm 
Sean Coffey … 5pm – 7.15pm 
Sparky & Neil Harney … 7.30pm – 9.30pm 
Dave Dunne & Neil Harney … 9.45pm – 12.30am 
Irish Dancer … 6pm – 9pm 


Dave Dunne … 2pm – 4:30pm 
Sean Coffey … 5pm – 7.15pm 
Sparky & Ronan Donnelly … 7.30pm – 9.30pm 
Dave Dunne … 9.45pm – 00:45am 
Irish Dancer … 6pm – 9pm


Brian McGovern … 3pm – 5.30pm 
Karl McConnon … 6pm – 8.30pm 
Jake Suleman … 9pm – 12am

At The Old Storehouse we can offer private venue or part venue hire in our totally unique and authentic O'Flaherty's Pub at the Old Storehouse Bar & Restaurant. Recently refurbished it is the only genuine Irish pub available for group bookings in Dublin city or county. We pride ourselves on the warmth of the welcome we extend to all our valued customers and continually get complimented on the fantastic ambience of our venue.

A 1min video of our resident Irish dancer on the bar, this can happen anytime between 6 and 9pm on a Friday or Saturday evening ...

The Old Storehouse, Temple Bar, Dublin.

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